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Who We Are 

In 2009 we began looking into various kinds of dogs that would be good with children, and protective of the family around strangers or danger, and this is when we stumbled upon the Cane Corso. We read that they were loyal, affectionate and protective dogs and we had to have one. We bought our first corso in 2010, she is no longer with us. We bought Enzo from Creation Cane Corso in 2011. After seeing how wonderful and beautiful Enzo was, we decided to add to the family another Corso we named Angelina, and we purchased her from Genesis Cane Corso. Angelina's father has champion bloodlines, so she had to come home with us. We later added Lady Isabella, also from Genesis Cane Corso.


Our dogs are very socialized and absolutely adore our children. I feel completely safe with my dogs around. Enzo is everyone's favorite, he's been around the longest, and is the Alpha male of their pack! The incredible bond these dogs have built with our family is amazing, and I know with them around we will always be safe.


We began breeding our dogs in 2013, and Enzo and Angelina had a beautiful 6 puppy litter in April and it created beautiful puppies that have all went to wonderful forever homes..

     We acquired Nova in 2017, she has been such a wonderful addition to our family. Nova is from Mexico, from El Mesquital's Roy Rojas. After taking a long break we are now expecting a litter with Nova, and Royal Champion's Yhannis. This will be the first litter for them both and we are really excited.

Our Dogs

Our dogs are socialized and friendly. We have good quality AKC registered dogs that only better the cane corso breed. Our male comes is from Texas, and our female is from Mexico. They came from great homes, and are great dogs. 

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