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Once you have been pre-approved at the time of your deposit we will send you a deposit contract in which you will be able to specify what kind of puppy you desire to purchase (i.e. gender, purpose, temperament/drive, and color). Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis in the order deposits are made. We can only accept a limited amount of reservations on upcoming litters prior to them being born, which includes three males and three females. Those who have reserved a Bella Italiana Cane Corso pup will be allowed to choose their desired pup at the age of 6 weeks (with the exclusion of pups retained by Bella Italiana Cane Corso). The remaining pups will then be available to approved homes after all reserved pups have been chosen. Please keep in mind that we DO NOT and cannot guarantee the color of any pup. A puppy should never be chosen based off its color or size, but rather its conformation and temperament


Once the litter has reached the age of 6 weeks the buyer will be provided with multiple pictures of each pup, along with the temperament test results and our recommendation of which pup is the best potential match for you/your family. The buyer will be allowed 72 hours to choose the pup they desire before the remaining pups are made available to the next buyer. Once you have selected a puppy, your remaining balance owed will be due at that time. Puppies must be picked up by the scheduled pick up date or the deposit will be forfeited and NO REFUND will be issued. If your desired pup is not produced (i.e. show/breed pup) then your deposit will be transferred to the next available litter.

We reserve the right to refuse payment/deposit if we feel that the puppy will not be placed in a good home. If we decide to refuse to place a pup with a particular buyer under any circumstance, we will then refund your money in full minus any PayPal finance charges.


Placing a Deposit...

Deposits may be made in the amount of $300 to pre-approved buyers, and the deposit will be deducted from the total purchase amount. The remaining balance owed will be due once you have chosen your desired pup. If you choose to pick up your puppy then you may pay the remaining balance in cash at that time.

We will accept the following forms of payment: PayPal, Cashier’s Check, Certified Check, Money Order, or Western Union. Cash is accepted only if the buyer will be physically picking up the puppy. We do not accept personal checks under any circumstance, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Important Note: If you will be purchasing your lil' creation through PayPal a 4% surcharge is added to every PayPal/Credit Card Payment.


All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.When a deposit is made it is the buyer’s agreement to purchase a puppy. If the buyer chooses not to purchase the puppy, the deposit will be forfeited at that time. If the buyer places a deposit, and the desired puppy is not produced in that litter then the deposit will be applied to a different pup or the next available litter. By placing a deposit the buyer acknowledges that they have read, completely understands, and will abide by the conditions which have been described here as well as in the Bella Italiana Cane Corso deposit contract.

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